Want Silky Smooth Hair? Get Rid Of Hair Woes With Keratin Treatment

In the hair care industry, one of the most popular buzzwords is keratin. Touted as the solution for smooth and silky hair, keratin has become an ingredient which adds great value in the beauty sphere of hair. If you read the ingredient list at the back of your shampoo bottle, you’ll definitely spot keratin in it – the quantity may vary. It is the same with conditioners, hair masks and basically any hair care product which is used to nourish the tresses. Keratin makes the manes strong at the cuticle level so that they stay silky, smooth and resilient, no matter what comes their way. Apart from using keratin-rich products, people also go for Global Keratin treatment. Benefits you may ask? Well, styling time reduced? Check. Sun protection? Check. Rid of unmanageable hair with frizz? Check. One keratin treatment and multiple hair woes are put to an end.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a type of protein that makes up your hair, nails, and outer layer of the skin. Keratin adds strength and luster to the hair, but in curly and textured hair, this protein is weaker which results in dryness and frizz. A keratin treatment is a chemical process following which the manes are given a smooth and shiny texture. While the protein itself cannot tame frizz, it is the formaldehyde ingredient in the formula that helps accomplish the task. Blow-drying and flat-ironing of hair are two essential steps of the Keratin treatment. The results of this treatment may last up to three-six months depending upon your hair type and the treatment at the salon.

It is of course a time taking task. Depending on your hair length, texture, treatment, and formula used, the treatment can take anywhere between two to four hours.

What are the advantages of Keratin Treatment?

The keratin treatment cuts down hair straightening time to 40-60% and is a time-saver for those who like straightening hair, on a daily basis.

Bid farewell to unmanageable hair with frizz and roughness. This treatment keeps the hair straight, smooth and frizz-free even in humid weather conditions.

It gives protection to your hair from sun and pollution as it forms a coating around each strand.

The treatment helps in rebonding and strengthening the hair.

With minimum effort, now you can rock any hairstyle while sporting smooth and shiny locks.

A keratin hair treatment every few months is less damaging than the styling products you use frequently.

While you can flaunt gorgeous hair on any occasion, they come with high maintenance. celebrity hairdresser and Butterfly Pond Salon owner Sylvia Chen, in an interview with Hindustan Times, shared some tips for keratin-treated hair.

Don’t wash hair up to 72 hours post-treatment

Avoid using hot water to wash your hair

She suggests not colour, highlighting, or using henna on the hair, post keratin treatment.

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Ditch the hair bands and clips for at least the first three days after treatment. Leave the manes open.

Get yourself a silk pillowcase to reduce friction

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