5 Mouth-Watering Desserts To Enjoy All Across The World

Embarking on a trip to a different country certainly calls for culinary explorations. One of the favorite avenues for discovering cuisines is trying out desserts of that special place. We all know that desserts are devouring but they vary from one culture to other. But if you get confused about where to start from, we have curated a list of 5 desserts that you must try when you are in the respective countries to satiate your desire for something sweet. From England’s Castle Pudding to Italy’s Tiramisu cake among others, the sweet dishes listed below will make your trip unforgettable.

England: Castle Pudding

Castle Pudding

Owing to the delectability of Castle Pudding, it would certainly not be unusual for you to skip dinner and quickly just relish the delicious dessert. The topping is what sets this pudding apart from the competition.

Italy: Tiramisu


Eggs, mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, cream, brandy, marsala wine, a little sugar, some rum, chocolate and cocoa are the main ingredients of Tiramisu cake. The heavenly taste of the dish will definitely make you crave more.

Australia: Pavlova


This is one of the most preferred desserts in Australia, as well as New Zealand. If you ever visit one of the two countries, you must try the sweet dish to make your experience more memorable. Pavlovas come in a Sahu Newsof flavours and the best part is that they are low in calories. It is made of egg whites as well as sugar. The exterior of the meringue shell has a crispy layer. This dish is covered in whipped cream, and the texture of it from the inside is similar to marshmallows.

Japan: Kuri Kintons

Kuri Kinton
Kuri Kinton

The dessert is made with sweet potatoes, sugar, mirin sauce, and vinegar. One of the key ingredients in the dessert is chestnuts, and the chestnuts used to make the creamy candy come from a tree that is only found in Japan and South Korea.

New Mexico: Sopapillas


Sopapillas taste best when drizzled with honey. The taste of the dish is also enhanced when honey is poured into the hollow bread. Top it off with cinnamon to make the taste of the this dessert more delicious.

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