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While Kendall Jenner is sick and tired of the “false narratives” that are written about her family, she has slowly learned to accept that the negative comments are “just noise” at the end of the day. Jenner, who arguably receives the least amount of backlash in the famous clan, appeared on the Jay Shetty Podcast where she opened up about the scrutiny the KarJenners receive by the media and how certain remarks have certainly gotten to her in the past.

“There’s so many false narratives,” she shared. “So many people think they have you figured out when they don’t even know the half of it. It can feel really unfair because that is not who I am. That can really get to me sometimes and that really sucks. But then looking at myself in the mirror and being like, ‘I know who I am, so why does anything else matter?’”

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The model concluded by saying that she’s learned to look at the not-so-nice claims about her family as nothing more than noise while also learning to accept that people are always going to have an opinion — she just won’t allow it to personally affect her day anymore.

Furthermore, the Hulu star touched on her earlier career in the modeling industry as she dived into the state of unhappiness she found herself in because she never wanted to decline an opportunity, given that she had worked hard to be considered an actual model.

Jenner had previously said she never wanted her family’s name to be the reason why she ended up becoming so successful in her field, which appeared to have influenced her decision to go after as many jobs as her schedule would allow. But in recent years, she’s made sure to prioritize her own needs over her career so that she doesn’t so miserable.

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“There was a core five years where I was extremely overworked, not my happiest, and I felt like I was saying yes to everything because I felt really grateful to be in the position I was in,” Jenner added. “I just wasn’t happy anymore so I had to set those boundaries for myself. I need to start saying no when I can and start prioritizing me and my well-being.”

Meanwhile, Hulu has since announced that the second season of “The Kardashians” will premiere on September 22, and fans are sure to expect a lot of drama pertaining to Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship while viewers will finally get an insight look at Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding to Travis Barker.


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