Lahori Man Gets Arrested for Threatening Police

Losing temper on the road can be dangerous, but losing it to a law enforcer is plain stupid. A Lahori man found that out the hard way by getting arrested for threatening a traffic warden after receiving a ticket.

According to details, an individual named Ahmad Imran received a fine from Lahore traffic police. Imran took offense to the matter as — after reaching home — he called up the department and started threatening the officials.

The department registered a case against the man and arrested him.

Safe City Project Failure

A recent report highlights a number of problems with the Rs. 12 billion Lahore Safe City monitoring system, including facial recognition, license plate recognition, traffic control, and police notifications.

Almost 35% of the cameras are non-functional, leaving certain key thoroughfares and public avenues unmonitored. 2,500 of the 7,678 cameras throughout Lahore are ineffective, while almost 1,000 facial recognition cameras are malfunctioning.

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) acknowledges the sensitivity of the issue as the system allows for number-plate tracking, traffic control, and aids in proper law enforcement and crime mitigation.

Safe city project’s local partner business Efficiency Solutions (BES) is taking Huawei to court over allegations of stolen technology and creating backdoors for data access. Nonetheless, the safe city project failure has placed the PSCA and all responsible parties in the line of fire.

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