Lucifer showrunners pitch spin-offs after conclusion of the series

Lucifer may have ended its run, but the former Netflix series’ showrunners, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson would pitch an animated follow-up or a possible Broadway musical to continue the DC/Vertigo show. Season 6 had just concluded the popular series with controversial results, but the creators don’t think it has to stop there. There have been no confirmations, nor is it obvious that they were probably making a joke. Still, Mordrovich and Henderson say they seriously considered spin-offs while making the series.

CBR reports in an interview with ScreenRant that Henderson has always thought about the show’s future. Henderson explains, “We loved making the show. We loved working with these people. I think, hopefully, at some point, we can find a way to come back or at least revisit or do something. It was such a great time and experience, and we love these people, so never say never.” To which Modrovich added, “My vote is for Lucifer: The Musical, personally, on Broadway. If anybody wants to hashtag that, get that going.” Then, Henderson chimed in, “I say Lucifer The Animated Series.”

It sounds tongue-in-cheek, but the animated show would already tie into a previous episode from the last season. The characters, Chloe and Lucifer, would find themselves in a cartoon when they enter Jimmy Barnes’ Hell loop. Segments of the episode would be animated by HBO Max’s Harley Quinn artists. 

As stated before, the showrunners had considered spin-offs, and one such idea was headlined Mazikeen “Maze” Smith. The spin-off concept would center around Maze’s adventures in bounty hunting. Although nothing more was brainstormed so Modrovich and Henderson could focus on making Lucifer, now that the show has ended, they are ready to reconsider several of the ideas they had once kicked around now that they are starting from scratch.

The entire series of Lucifer can now be streamed on Netflix.
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