Truck Spills Adult Toys On I-40 Highway In Oklahoma City • Hollywood Unlocked

A semi-truck allegedly spilled hundreds of sex toys and lubricant on Interstate 40 after overturning and colliding into a box truck.

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The incident occurred Wednesday morning when the 18-wheeler crashed into the box truck and caused its load to spill over on the road on I-40 near Mustang. While overlooking the scene from a helicopter, Skynews 9 reporter Jim Gardner described the aftermath of the crash and slightly hesitated when asked about the items in the truck.

Uhm… it looks like this wrecked semi spilled a load of dildos and lube all over I-40! Great camera work, @news9!

His colleague, Lacey Lowery, asked him to specify what items were on the road, and Gardner began to stutter his words. He did confirm that there were no reported injuries from the crash.

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Although authorities did not fully confirm what was spilled from the truck, internet sleuths quickly zoomed in and determined that most items were adult sex toys and lubricant.

According to the Lost Ogle, the incident reportedly occurred near an adult toy distribution center on Morgan Road.

The remnants from the crash were cleaned up, and drivers were able to continue their commute later that afternoon.


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