Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid dating rumours intensify after Oscar winner and supermodel’s cosy night out pic gets leaked

One of the biggest superstars of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, creates as much media frenzy for his bloxkbuster films and critically lauded acting as he does for his dating habits. The Oscar winner had again made headlines after breaking up with previous girlfriend Camila Morrone, as several netizens dug up his pattern of refusing to date anybody who crosses 25. Now though it seems like Leonardo DiCaprio is set to break said pattern as speculations is spreading like wild fire that he’s dating Gigi Hadid, who’s 2 years over Leo‘s supposed dating age-bar. The veracity of these rumours intensified after the two were recently spotted enjoying a cosy night out in New York City. Also Read – When Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines for vaping and hearing music on headphones during s*x – is Gigi Hadid ready for his bedroom quirks?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid enjoy night out in New York

All anybody in the hollywood news media can be speculating about of late are Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid dating, and after this pic of them cosying up to each other in New York surfaced, tongues are only going to wag faster. The pic, uploaded by Entertainment Tonigjt on their official Instagram handle may be blurry, but only a blind individual wouldn’t be able to recognise Leo (in a black shirt and matching baseball cap) and Gigi (in a white crop top and distressed grey cargos) in proximity to each other, with the latter leaning in close to her rumoured new boyfriend as he whispers something in her ear while their coterie looks on. Check out the pic below: Also Read – Top hollywood News Today: BTS hoping for Grammys 2023 noms, Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin celebrate 4th wedding anniversary and more

Leonardo DiCaprio vapes and puts on headphones while having sex

So, this goes back the year, 2016, when a report had appeared in Star magazine that Leonardo DiCaprio likes to vape and hear music on his headphones while having sex. The report claimed that a source had recounted an episode of said source’s friend who had dated Leo for some time, but was left flabbergasted by his indifference in bed during the act, which she felt “downright rude”. It doesn’t end there though as things supposedly got weirder for her friend. Also Read – Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid treading cautiously in new romance? This is what Zayn Malik fans said

Leonardo DiCaprio zones out during sex and asks partners to continue

In fact, it seems she felt his entire MO of putting headphones, vaping and listening to music quite “selfish and lazy”. The source apparently added that her friend was also left quite confused and embarrassed when Leo simply gestured that she keep continuing while he laid back and zoned out. In fact, there have been other rumours, too, of Leo’s vaping and zoning-out habit while having sex and other reports have surfaced from time to time of a few more of his partners also being “deeply troubled” by these actions.

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