My venture is going to be on a global platform for home chefs: Arjun Kapoor

In 2019, actor Arjun Kapoor invested in a food delivery start-up with a cause – FoodCloud. During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, FoodCloud brought onboard 10,000 women from across India to give home chefs the platform to become self-reliant entrepreneurs. The emerging food delivery platform aims to improve gender parity, empower women and help them become self-reliant entrepreneurs. The successful business venture is on expansion mode currently and Arjun reveals that FoodCloud will now start its operations in the UAE.

Arjun announces saying, “As an Indian I’m proud that my venture is going to be on a Global platform for home-chefs to get more exposure. We are thrilled to be expanding to the UAE and cater to Indians living there and satisfy their needs to eat home food that brings back memories of their roots.”

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He adds, “At FoodCloud, we have been planning every step carefully while strategising on how our expansion plan should ideally look like. We figured that UAE is a potentially big market because it has a big population of Indians there. I’m proud that our brilliant home Chefs are now going international.”

Arjun further says, “It was always a part of our plan to give more and more exposure to our homegrown talent and we are proud that we are being able to live up to that promise. We can’t wait to see the potential that FoodCloud has in UAE and we will carefully plan our next moves so that our home cooks can wow the World with their culinary innovativeness and brilliance.”

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