Steve-O planning boob job

Steve-O is planning to have a boob job.

Steve-O wants a boob job

The ‘Jackass’ star has been facing a “midlife crisis on steroids” so is planning to combat his fears of getting old with a stand-up comedy show he’s dubbed the ‘Gone Too Far; tour, which will see him “raising the bar for crazy” by going through stunts including breast augmentation story and having a penis tattooed on his forehead.

Asked why he wants a boob job, he said: “The theme that ties together all of these ridiculous acts is an examination of my body and how, on the cusp of turning 50, the instrument I rely on for attention is breaking down.

“As we barrel towards our inevitable demise, we wilt, and our bodies deteriorate, and it’s this really sad dark thing. And that process is well under way for me.

“That came from me being legitimately horrified to look in the mirror and discover that not only am I developing man t*** but I literally have underboob too. And so I’m childishly lashing out at the God that enabled me to develop man t******.

“Like, if I’m going to be forced to have t****** then goddamn it they’re going to be DDs!

“I think the PT Barnum in me just thinks that makes sense. It will be the tour that promotes itself.”

And the 48-year-old star hopes the controversial tattoo will hide the signs of ageing.

He explained to The Guardian newspaper: “I feel compelled to draw attention away from the increasing wrinkling going on around my eyes. Clearly, a big d*** on my forehead is all anybody’s going to be able to see, so it’ll keep me young.

But Steve had scrapped plans to shoot a bullet through both his cheeks.

He said: “I’ve taken that off the table. I’m not known for saying I will do something and then backing out … but I’ve lost my sense of humour for guns. I no longer find it fun or funny to seek to shoot myself.”

The comic admitted his partner, Lux Wright, isn’t too impressed with his plans but he’s promised her they won’t be permanent changes to his body.

He said: “She really hates the boobs thing. But she’s come around a little bit. I consulted with arguably the world’s most famous plastic surgeon and he said that he thinks after a period of three months it will be easy to put back together. The penis on my forehead will ultimately be lasered off, too. So I will be restored to usual.”

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