AIB’s Rohan Joshi issues clarification after receiving flak for abusing late comedian

Raju Srivastava’s death has sent a shockwave in India, but stand-up comedian Rohan Joshi isn’t sad or grieving over the former’s demise. It all started when stand-up comedian Atul Khatri shared his view on the loss of Raju Srivastava. 

Atul shared Raju’s photo and wrote, “RIP Rajubhai. You were such an inspiration to so many. Whenever you went on stage you lit it up. Your presence was such that when people just saw you there was an automatic smile on their faces. You will be truly missed. A big loss for the Indian Stand-up Comedy scene.” 

Here’s Atul’s post

Soon after his post, Rohan Joshi wrote a prolonged comment on Raju’s demise and called it his demise ‘karma.’ Rohan wrote, “We haven’t lost a thing. Whether it was Karma whether it was the roast or any coming in the news. Raju Srivastava took every opportunity he ever got to shit on new comics, especially after the new wave of stand up started. He went on every f**kall news channel every time he was invited to go shit on an upcoming art form and call it offensive just because he couldn’t understand it.” 


Here’s the screenshot of Rohan’s deleted comment


Soon after his comment, Rohan was getting brutally trolled. Later, Rohan deleted his comment, and when multiple people asked him, he clarified his side and stated that receiving flack over his comment is ‘fair.’ He wrote, “Yehi soch kar delete kiya kyuki after a minute of anger I realised today is not about my personal feelings. Sorry if it hurt and thanks for the perspective.” 

Here’s Joshi agreeing for making a mistake

For the unversed, Famous comedian Raju Srivastava, who was admitted to the AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi after he collapsed while working out at a gym last month, passed away at the age of 58 on Wednesday, September 21. Raju’s demise has shocked his fans across the nation who are pouring in tributes for the late comedian on social media.


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