Shock claim on Meghan, Harry’s departure

The Sun reported the Prince and Princess of Wales reportedly felt “a sense of relief” when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to give up royal life to move to California because “the drama was gone”.Sources told Vanity Fair that this was in large part because William still cannot forgive his brother for splitting the Royal Family.There is said to be a storm brewing among the Firm, as King Charles is reportedly considering stripping the Sussex children, Archie and Lillibet, of their prince and princess titles.The new king‘s decision is said to hinge on the content of Harry’s upcoming memoir, due to be published in the new year.This is set to reignite the row first set off by the refusal to allow the children HRH titles.The decision apparently left the Sussexes “furious”.The tell-all book was scheduled for December, but was delayed after the death of the late Queen.The contents are reported to be “explosive” and palace officials have claimed they were ”blindsided” by the memoir‘s announcement.Harry and Meghan have also signed up to produce a historical documentary about their “love story” for streaming giant Netflix.There have reportedly been attempts to heal the rift from both sides, but they have no succeeded.Insiders recently claimed that Queen Camilla “spat out her tea” in shock over Harry‘s suggestion of using a mediator to settle the dispute.She is believed to have slammed the suggestion as “ridiculous” and said that the family should work it out among themselves.It comes after the Queen‘s heartbreaking reaction to the family split was revealed by royal insiders.A source close to Her Majesty claimed that she was “hurt and exhausted” by the ‘Megxit’ saga.This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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