These 16 Pet Photos Were Captured At The Best Moment And They Won The 2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards

As you probably know, the whole history of mankind is actually the history of kitties’ and doggos’ rivalry. In 2021, a photo of a dog won, and this year cats strike back. The overall winner of the 2022 competition is a photo called “Boom Boom,” captured by Kenichi Morinaga from Fukuoka, Japan.

Kenichi specializes in wedding photography, as well as in cat pictures, but the winning photo was shot quite by accident. “Cats just collided on the fence by accident,” the winner tells. “It turned out a very funny moment, as it happens in cartoons.”

“Photos taken by accident usually look better every time because you introduce that element of chance which is so special and unique”, says Michelle Wood, a co-organizer of the contest, with whom Bored Panda also got in touch. “However, some staged photos are also hilarious, after all when photographing animals – you never know how they are going to act and that is part of the fun.”

“Last year we had lots of dogs and puppies, but this year cats and kittens have been so popular. We are not sure why but delighted to have our first cat Over All Winner of the competition!”, Michelle also comments.–!–/sdk.js

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