World’s First Speech-Clarifying TV Speaker

Increase access to TV speech for those with mild hearing loss through AudibleWave Technology.

A new solution to a common problem

More than 37 million Americans have difficulty hearing. As we get older, hearing loss is the norm. Our ears have taken a lot over the years, kids banging pots and pans, loud tools and machines, music or concerts turned up a bit too high, fireworks, you name it. A full life is usually a loud one! 

The only TV Speaker with AudibleWave Technology

Designed in Japan, the Mirai Speaker increases comprehension of TV, computer and radio speech for those who have trouble hearing dialogue from conventional speakers.

It does this through its cutting edge AudibleWave technology. This technology uses a curved panel design to produce clear, crisp, and distinct sound waves that broadcast speech and dialog with high clarity throughout the room.

Unlike conventional speakers that broadcast the majority of the sound they produce straight ahead, Mirai Speaker’s curved panel AudibleWave technology broadcasts sound evenly throughout the room. This makes the TV easier to hear for everyone, without having to turn up the volume or change seats. Professional sound simulation from data acquired by Kan Okubo, Assistant Prof. of Tokyo Metropolitan University:

How does AudibleWave technology work?

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For TV viewers with hearing loss

Designed specifically to enable those with mild to moderate hearing loss better understand and enjoy TV viewing, normal-hearing viewers may feel that the sound quality is not full-bodied or immersive.

More than 85 percent of people with hearing loss found that they could hear and understand dialog better when using the Mirai Speaker.

30 day money back guarantee

Not sure if the Mirai Speaker is right for you? Purchase and use it for a couple of weeks in your own home with your own TV to hear the difference for yourself. If the Mirai Speaker isn’t right for you, just contact our customer service team to ship it back to us and we will give you a full refund.

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