LAPD Sources Say PnB Rock’s Death May Have Been A ‘Planned Execution’ Amid Investigation Into His Death

PnB Rock’s murder at the famed Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’N Waffles last week could have been a planned execution, LAPD sources tell TMZ. While fans were quick to believe that his girlfriend, Steph, posting their location as they dined at the famed restaurant had ultimately resulted in the rapper’s untimely passing, amid law enforcement officer’s investigation, it appears as if the instagram Story post was not the cause of PnB’s death after all.

Sources add that an inquiry is being performed in the ties PnB shared with locals in Atlanta, where he’s said to have spent a lot of his personal time outside of Los Angeles, alongside his native city, Philadelphia. Cops are questioning people to uncover whether the “Fendi” star was actively feuding with peers in both cities, while lyrics to his songs have also come into question.

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It’s noted that while police initially suspected that the instagram Story PnB’s girlfriend posted online, which revealed where the pair were dining in the lead-up to his death, played a part in the murder, they have since become under the impression that the thieves, who fled the scene with his chains, had a premeditated motive for ending his life. A source tells TMZ there could’ve been a “more elaborate scheme” from someone who wanted PnB dead.

Cops are still trying to locate the car that the suspects used to flee the scene after killing the 30-year-old, having carefully gone over CCTV footage around the area where the incident took place. Furthermore, they’ve been receiving a heap of tips from locals who believe they have information that can help law enforcement with the search for the criminal responsible for PnB’s death.

Cops have also ruled out the possibility that Steph could have had anything to do with her boyfriend’s passing — a theory that quickly circulated on social media following the devastating news. One viral tweet had suggested that she purposely tagged her location in a set-up attempt that lured the shooters to the crime scene — but there appears to be more validity in those claims, which is why police are not investigating the matter any further concerning Steph’s instagram post.

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PnB, whose real name is Rakim Allen, was perhaps best known for his 2015 and 2016 songs, “Fleek” and “Selfish,” before he would later team up for a collaboration with Nicki Minaj on the song “Fendi.” He also collaborated with British superstar Ed Sheeran on “Cross Me” and famously provided vocals on XXXTentacian’s “Changes.”

His family says they are absolutely devastated by his demise as the search for the suspects continues.

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