Babak Anvari to direct new entry in Bad Robot series

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The found footage creature feature Cloverfield was a big hit for Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions when it was released in 2008, so it’s no surprise that it kicked off a franchise. The only surprises are that it took eight years for a sequel to come along, and when Cloverfield did become a franchise it wasn’t with a direct sequel. The Cloverfield name was used to create an anthology series. 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane was quickly followed by 2018’s The Cloverfield Paradox… and now Sahu Newshas broken the news that another Cloverfield movie is coming our way, with Under the Shadow‘s Babak Anvari signed on to direct.

Anvari will be working from a screenplay by iBoy writer Joe Barton… but, as you would expect from Bad Robot, details are being kept under wraps. It’s not clear if Anvari’s Cloverfield movie will be a sequel to the original film, or another separate entry in the anthology. Bad Robot’s JJ Abrams did say the next Cloverfield would be a “true sequel”, but that was back in 2018 and a lot can change in four years.

Abrams is producing this new film with Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen. Bryan Burk, Matt Reeves, and Drew Goddard serve as executive producers.

The Cloverfield Paradox wasn’t well received, and Paramount was so underwhelmed by it that they sold it off to Netflix. That’s why the franchise has been dormant for a little while – although there were rumors that Overlord was going to be a Cloverfield movie, and A Quiet Place actually was being developed as a Cloverfield entry at one point, before it was decided that it should be a standalone release.

The Cloverfield name itself doesn’t stir up any hype for me, but I am interested in this new project because I would like to see how an Anvari / Bad Robot creature feature is going to turn out. Are you interested in this Cloverfield project? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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