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During the latest episode of Charlamagne Tha God’s talk show, Hell of A Week, Fat Joe continued to weigh in on the tragic death of fellow rapper, PNB Rock who was tragically gunned down in Los Angeles last week.

While speaking with the radio host and book author, Joe declared, “rappers are an endangered species.” He said, “We getting hit up by the police, hit up by the feds… and we getting hit up by our own for being in our hood trying to show love,” Joe explained. It’s so dangerous to be a rapper these days, it’s the hardest job out there right now. Because they coming out you, either way, they trying to put you in jail or these your own people trying to kill you,” he added.

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Joe went on to say that he believes the killings all come from jealousy. “People get mad at themselves. They get mad that they didn’t accomplish stuff in life. They look at themselves. They say, ‘Damn, I’m 40 years, 50 years, I ain’t got nothing.’” He continued, “Nine times out of 10 they kill you in your own neighborhood ’cause they jealous of you. And we gotta stop being jealous.”

Speaking directly about Rock’s senseless killing, Joe said, “The young brother was supporting Black owned businesses going to the Roscoe’s Chicken with his wife and kid, and so we get all these deflections of, ‘Oh but his wife posted the chicken. Oh he’s not supposed to wear jewelry.’ How about we not supposed to kill each other?” he said.

“We shouldn’t kill each other, and so what should happen is… I used stick people up, I used to rob people,” he continued. “I’m not against him robbing him. You caught him, rob him. Why you got to kill him? … And that’s what bothers me. … Not only destroy that family but what about the other families that are sitting in Roscoe’s and they see somebody get their brains blown out in front of them. You destroy the whole village with one shot.”

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As we previously reported, PnB Rock was fatally shot during a robbery at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles on Monday, Sept. 12. PnB Rock and his girlfriend had been posting on social media that day of their outing. However, Stephanie Sibounheuang shared their exact location, leading the robbers directly to them and later taking his life.

Cops did not yet capture the man responsible for the horrid crime.

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