Woman Killed By Morality Police Over Hijab Sparks Protests In Iran

Protests have sparked across Iran after morality police reportedly killed a young woman for not wearing a hijab.

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Mahsa Amini,22, was arrested on Sept. 16 in her brother’s car during a visit to relatives in the capital city and died three days later. During her arrest, witnesses aid officers hit Amini on the head with a baton and slammed her against a police vehicle. Officials claim the allegations are false and said Amini died of a heart attack after being taken to a local hospital. However, her father believes she was killed while in custody, and the family filed a complaint.

After learning about the young woman’s death, women started protesting on various social media platforms by cutting their hair and burning their hijabs in public. Public outrage continued to grow after a photo of Amini in a comatose state went viral online, and protestors gathered in Tehran calling for dismantling the Gasht-e Ershad morality police. Internet access was restricted by the government in response to the protestors’ pleas for justice.





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During the five-day protest, police officers used tear gas and arrested multiple people among a crowd of thousands.  In response to the case, the United Nations released a statement and said Amini’s death is currently under investigation. “The tragic death of Mahsa Amini and the allegations of torture and ill-treatment must be promptly, impartially, and effectively investigated by a competent and independent authority,” said  United Nations Acting High Commissioner for Human Rights Nada al-Nashif.

The UN also received videos of violent acts toward women by the Morality Police. Most of these cases involve women targeted for not dressing in their hijabs properly in public.


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