Charu Asopa BREAKS SILENCE about patching up with husband Rajeev Sen, says ‘Bappa ne kiya hai’

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and his wife Charu Asopa’s troubled marriage were in the news for quite some time. However, last month, the duo patched up and they decided to call off their divorce. After Charu and Rajeev decided to give another chance to their marriage, netizens mocked them saying that their ‘divorce’ was a publicity stunt. A few others said that their fights were a gimmick for entering Bigg Boss’ house. 

Now, Charu has decided to end this chatter, and she has explained their decision of ‘giving another chance’ to their marriage in detail. Asopa posted a new vlog on her Youtube channel titled Wednesday Wisdom. In the video, Charu shared that she and Rajeev were getting separated, and they had to appear in the Family Court to sign divorce papers on August 30. Charu further added that she was returning to Mumbai from Bhilwada on August 29, they had to appear in court the next day, and Ganesh Chaturti was starting from August 31. 

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The actress further added that after she boarded the flight to Mumbai, she prayed to Ganesh to give lead her on the right path. “Bappa mein aapko lekar aanewali hu ghar mein toh aapko jaisa thik lagta hai, waise aap kar dena. Aapko lagta hai ki jo mere aur Ziana ke liye thik hai. Aap woh kar dena. Jab mein August 29 sham ko phaunchi, aur 30 ki subah hume family court jaana tha. Toh yuhi baithe-baithe main aur Rajeev baatein karne lage aur hume sikve door kiye.” Charu believed that they had plans, but God had something better for them. Asopa added that they decided to keep their marriage for Ziana, she said, “Rishta todna aasaan hai, lekin agar aap cheezein solve karna chahe toh uss mein koi burai nahi hai.” At last, she concluded that they brought Lord Ganesha’s idol together, and said, “Yeh sab Bappa ne hi kiya hai.” 

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