Charles’ pointed message to Meghan, Harry

According to author and royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, the new King will cease plans to strip Meghan and Harry’s kids of their titles “with a caveat”.“And that caveat is trust. (He) has to know that (he) can trust the (Sussex) family,” Nicholl said, according to the Daily Mail.As grandchildren of the monarch, Archie, three, and Lilibet, one, would automatically receive titles including “His/Her Royal Highness” (HRH) under long-held conventions of the royal family.However, due King Charles’ desire to “slim down” the senior royal team, there have been reports the monarch will move to break tradition given Meghan and Harry are no longer working for the Firm.Currently, Archie and Lilibet — sixth and seventh in line to the throne respectively — are still listed as ‘Miss’ and ‘Master’ on the Royal Website, which Nicholl said was a very deliberate move.“One of the interesting things that came out in all of this was the speculation about titles, and Archie and Lilibet … whether they would officially be acknowledged as Prince and Princess, the titles owed to them when Charles became King…,” Nicholl explained.“They remain ‘Miss’ and ‘Master’ currently [on the Royal Website] … And I’m told that that is a very clear signal from the King.”NED-0490-Royal-Line-Of-Succession-family-treeThe issue of Archie and Lili’s missing titles is said to have left Meghan and Harry “fuming”.However, according to royal expert Phil Dampier, the children may still be able to call themselves Prince and Princess, but without the HRH titles.“The same thing happened to Diana and Fergie after they were divorced from Charles and Andrew. And of course Sarah Ferguson is still the Duchess of York today,” Dampier told the Daily Mail.“Harry and Meghan should be pleased as using prince or princess sounds good in the States,” he added.“But even though their children are still high up in the line of succession they will not be working royals, so it’s quite right they shouldn’t have [HRH] titles.”The HRH title gives royals access to a salary and entitles the holder to taxpayer-funded protection and security.It also means people are supposed to bow or curtsy when an HRH approaches.Harry and Meghan sacrificed the HRH title when they stepped down as senior royals in early 2020 and moved to California, but they have since spoken out against being forced to do so, saying it left their family with the same high-profile sans security.Charles is expected to officially anoint Archie and Lilibet as ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ in the near future.

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