Fawad Khan reveals he got hospitalised after trying to gain weight like Christian Bale, Aamir Khan

Pakistan’s heartthrob Fawad Khan has put his life at risk for his upcoming film The Legend of Maula Jatt. Khan had confessed that he had to go through a rigorous process of physical transformation, and it took a toll on his health. As per the report of Hindustan Times, Fawad was weighing 73-75 kg and he went up to 100 kg for the character. However, soon the process of transformation affected his health, and he ended up hospitalised. 

While speaking to Something Haute, Fawad said that it (physical transformation) is not the best thing he did to himself. He would never do that again. “I just made some questionable choices, which negatively affected me. There is a dark underbelly to all of these physical transformations and people should know that when you make these decisions, it is taking a huge toll on your health.” Khan further stated, “Ten days into it, I was hospitalised. My kidneys shut down.”

Fawad further revealed that the required physical transformation would normally need 6 months, but due to time constraints, he took some ‘insane’ steps and tried to achieve the desired results in a month. He further added about being inspired by the physical transformation journey of Christan Bale and Aamir Khan. “I was putting in insane hours. It’s not the right way to do these things because the thing is I had limited time. I had 1-1.5 months. Due to whatever circumstances, it happened the way it happened. I am a bit insane in that way. I am not Christian Bale but I tried to do what he does, even Aamir Khan for that matter.” For the umvesed, Aamir gained weight for Dangal, where as Bale gained it for American Hustle.  

Khan has realised that he won’t encourage any artist to take such extreme steps. “If I had 6 months, maybe Maula Jatt would have looked very different. It is not a transformation that I would encourage for anyone. Absolutely never.” The Legend of Maula Jatt also stars Mahira Khan. The film is expected in cinemas on October 13, 2022. 



Originally published at www.dnaindia.com

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