30 Fascinating Things From The Past That Survived For Future Generations To Explore, As Shared On This Facebook Group

Joanna also shared a fascinating story detailing how exciting studying ancient history can be. “In 2015, Ioannis and I were in Ecuador investigating the lost artifacts of Father Crespi, an Italian missionary who had spent 60 years there since the 1930s. He had done a lot of good work, and in return, the indigenous people brought him artifacts from all over the country, ranging from 200 to 2,000 years old and covering various cultures and ages,” she explained. 

“Among these artifacts, there was a controversial subset depicting Sumerian writing, gods, and figurines. If authentic, it would imply contact between Sumer (now Iraq) and South America thousands of years ago, which is not mentioned in history books.”

“However, the controversial artifacts went missing, and we wanted to find out where they went,” Joanna continued. “We gained exclusive access to Crespi’s artifact collection in Ecuador’s central bank vaults, but the Sumerian ones were missing. Upon inquiring about them, we received threats and were told not to ask about the missing artifacts and to take our investigations elsewhere. Later, we were threatened with legal action if we were to write an article about the missing artifacts.”

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