30 People Share Messed-Up Gifts They Wish They’d Never Received

While all gifts are synonymous with a nice gesture and are meant to uplift our souls, not always do they do that. Sometimes, the very opposite happens.

Remember the last time you received a gift you didn’t want or need, or something that was plain insulting? After all, we are just almost a month after all the winter festivities, meaning we have probably one or two gifted things we’d be much better off without.

So when the Twitter page UberFacts asked people “What’s the most messed up gift you’ve ever received?”, it hit way too close to home for many. The stories that make you laugh, cry and feel bad for these gift receivers (and givers, too!) started rolling and we wrapped up some of the most eyebrow-raising below.

Originally published at www.boredpanda.com

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