30 Ridiculous, Creepy Or Gross Real Estate Listings That Deserved To Be Shamed In This Online Group

The actual business of real estate can be somewhat murky. Since most get a fee based on a percentage of the sale, they should, in theory, push for the best price. But as this is their main source of income, they may feel it is best to push for an earlier sale, rather than spend more time waiting for the best price for you. While this sounds conspiratorial, research shows that actual real estate brokers tend to hold their properties on the market longer than the average person. 

And if that’s not bad enough, an analysis of listings found that properties that had a real estate broker had, on average, lower sales prices than those that were unbrokered. In other words, brokers may have been responsible for lower final sales prices, as they wanted to just collect a commission and go. Now, this is obviously bad for the seller, but in this housing market, anyone that actually manages to lower the cost of a home is a hero in my eyes.

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