30 Terrible Tattoos That Look Even Worse When Compared To The Originals, As Shared On This Online Group

The last thing we want is for these pictures to discourage you from getting inked. We hope they will simply act as a friendly reminder to do your research (and provide an innocent laugh or two). Whatever pushes you toward the needle, it’s a good enough reason. After all, it’s your body. You set the rules.

However, judging from his experience, Adam Grant thinks people usually focus on meaning when they get their first tattoo, but last-minute impulse decisions for a friend or new partner are a strong contender.

“Don’t get me wrong, [those are] perfectly valid,” Grant told Bored Panda. “It doesn’t matter what you get as a first tattoo as long as you are conscious of the potential consequences of things like judgemental perspectives of others, [work] rules and requirements, or even your own change of heart down the line.”

“If you are ok with the risks involved in getting a tattoo then go for it!”

Originally published at www.boredpanda.com

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