Rob Mills reveals he had an ‘orgy’ with Courtney Act during Australian Idol days

Rob Mills is dishing on his wild days.

The Australian Idol alum has opened up about his sex life at the height of his fame in autobiography Putting on a Show, revealing he had “a bit of an orgy” with fellow entertainer Courtney Act.

Both singers starred on Idol in 2003, and according to Millsy, had quite the knock-off drinks one night.

“Courtney, me and a woman; I’ll call her Sam. And we had a bit of an orgy,” he recalled of a night out after a taping.

“Courtney and Sam had sex, Sam and I had sex, Courtney and I had sex. There was a lot going on.”

The television personality, who is now engaged to Project presenter Georgie Tunny, said he continued to explore his sexuality throughout the years following the experience.

“There were subsequent times when, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I had flings with gay friends and sometimes strangers,” he further revealed.

Millsy’s most notable fling was of course with Paris Hilton, who made a cheeky debut at the 2003 Melbourne Cup.

Speaking on 2 Day FM, he claimed he kept in touch with Hilton for a while afterwards.

“For about a year we did and then that was it. We caught up the next time she was [in Australia],” he said.

In 2016, however, the 41-year-old heiress awkwardly shut down guest host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald when he brought up their brief romance on The Project.

“Do you still keep in contact with Millsy – Robert Mills? Remember Millsy?” the Nova radio host asked, to which she responded: “Who? No.”


The pair first met at an event at Sydney Opera House before heading to an after-party hosted by Osher Günsberg.

Afterwards, they spent the night at a hotel before meeting up again at the Melbourne Cup, sparking instant headlines.

“We did pretty much everything but [sex] and then we caught up at the races a week after,” he has previously told The Sydney Morning Herald.

In 2015, he told News Corp he was fed up with people bringing up their “fling”.

“There wouldn’t be many days that go by without someone asking me about Paris Hilton,” Mills said.

“It’s odd. It always comes up. I find it a little offensive for me, offensive for my girlfriend and offensive for Paris even.

“No one wants to be talked about as though they were a ‘thing’ … Everyone has sex. Everyone does it. You’ve all seen the [Paris Hilton] sex tape. It’s pretty much that. What a scandal!” he said.

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