5 Best Places to Celebrate Festival of Colours in Karnataka

Last Updated: March 06, 2023, 09:30 IST

People celebratting Holi in Hampi, Karnataka. (Image: Shutterstock file)

People celebratting Holi in Hampi, Karnataka. (Image: Shutterstock file)

Holi 2023: Karnataka surprisingly is a state that celebrates Holi in its unique ways

HOLI 2023: In India, Holi is a festival that is celebrated with the highest levels of enthusiasm. Gulaal, water balloons, water guns, music, and amazing food rule the parties. The festival of colours falls on March 8 this year and people are gearing up for the celebrations all across the country. To amp up the vibes of Holi, people have now made a shift to travelling to new places to experience the celebrations there rather than the mundane overcrowded Holi parties and gatherings.

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While Holi celebrations in the northern belt of India are significantly popular, down south the celebrations may not be as magnificent in certain states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. However, Karnataka surprisingly is a state that celebrates Holi in its unique ways. Here is a lineup of incredible places in Karnataka, where you can celebrate Holi.

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Holi is celebrated with great excitement throughout Karnataka, but the little village of Bagalkot celebrates it with the most fervour and that too for four days. It is Bagalkot’s most important cultural festival and is referred to as Holi Habba. It starts with a Kama Dahanam, a bonfire rite akin to the Holika Dahan, and is followed by three days of festivities in Bagalkot filled with playing with colours, music, and dancing on the streets.


Bengaluru is one of the most interesting locations for a more contemporary Holi celebration and will never let you down. The city offers a Sahu Newsof activities to offer those seeking a more laid-back atmosphere, with Holi celebrations held in the hippest spots. Any type of Holi celebration, including the traditional ones, may be found in the city, from rain dances to Holi parties without colours. Throughout the vibrant festival, there are several spots throughout the city where one may see colour shows.


Younger solo and group travellers have made Hampi a popular tourism destination over the past few years. The ideal spot to go in Karnataka to enjoy a Holi celebration that is considerably different from those often seen in North India is Hampi. Holi is celebrated here as a religious event, and Hampi’s temples host a Sahu Newsof intriguing rituals and events. alongside several cultural and social activities.

People here play Holi by drenching each other with colours mixed in water and it is customary to take a dip in the river to wash off the colours from one’s body to conclude the festivities.


If you are looking to experience the most traditional Holi celebrations in Karnataka, then Hublis is where you should be. The celebrations begin in the early morning hours with a procession which is followed by prayers and rituals in temples and homes. People then move on to celebrate by throwing powdered gulaal and gulaal mixed in water at each other on the streets of the city.


Another city where youngsters can jubilantly celebrate Holi with locals by playing with colours is Mangalore. Holi in this city is all about embracing springtime rather than merely celebrating the idea of virtue triumphing over evil. People have a lot of fun being covered in the vivid colours of Holi by drenching each other with water and gulaal. You will also get to experience the regional music and dance performances while being surrounded by the festive atmosphere.

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