50 ‘Nightmares’ And ‘Miracles’ Spotted During Structural Inspections (New Pics)

When was the last time you had your home or business inspected, pandas? Be honest, was it last month, or was it three weeks before you moved into the building nine years ago? We tend to assume that everything is just fine with any structure we enter because well, frankly, the idea of the roof collapsing on top of us or the floor caving in isn’t something most of us want to imagine. But unfortunately, buildings don’t last forever, so to ensure that we’ve chosen a safe space to conduct our business or live our lives, those places need to be inspected every now and then.

And who better to inspect your building than Alpha Structural, Inc.? Alpha Structural is a leader in the engineering and construction of foundation and hillside repairs, and a popular presence on the internet thanks to their social media accounts. Below, we’ve gathered photos from their famous Imgur account, featuring some of the most bizarre and shocking things structural inspectors have discovered while on the job, so we hope you enjoy these pics and remember to always have those inspections done on time.

Keep reading to also find an interview with Ben Reinhart, Vice President of Marketing for Alpha Structural, and be sure to upvote the photos you find most surprising. Then, if you’re interested in checking out Bored Panda’s previous articles featuring Alpha Structural, you can find the most recent ones right here and here!

More info: AlphaStructural.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Imgur

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