69 Times People Had The Perfect Tattoos For The Situations They Found Themselves In

Deciding on the perfect tattoo for yourself can be an incredibly challenging task. If you’re as indecisive as I am, you’ve likely spent months researching inspiration pics and scouring the internet for photos that will help you explain your vision to an artist. There are so many decisions to be made: the subject, the style, the color, the size, the location, the perfect artist for the job, and more. You can easily drive yourself crazy making sure that this permanent piece of artwork doesn’t lead to any regrets. But it’s important to be extremely confident in your tattoo-decisions because you will have to look at your ink for the rest of your life. There’s no need to rush into anything…

On the other hand, when you do have the most fitting piece of ink for a situation you find yourself in, it can feel like the stars have aligned. Somehow, that bumble bee knew exactly where to crawl on you, or maybe that mosquito had a sense of humor when deciding where to bite you. Despite the fact that tattoos are permanent art pieces, they can still undergo changes through bruises, bug bites, pimples, sunburns, etc., and these shifts seem to only make them more exciting. 

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