70 Times Celebrities And Companies Posted Something So Unhinged, It Will Forever Live Online As Screenshots (New Pics)

While some celebrities, particularly those raised in the age of the internet, might actually just enjoy posting without a PR team, companies have their own motivations. Let’s face it, corporate marketing speech is just boring, so businesses want to be relatable. So by using the writing style and language of a real person, brands want to create a closer connection with their audience, making them feel more valued and understood. This, in turn, can increase brand loyalty and trust, as the audience feels like they have a personal connection with the official account.

Official social media accounts that come across as distant and unapproachable can make the organization appear unfriendly and out of touch with the needs of their audience. By being more relatable, organizations can showcase their human side, making them more likable and approachable. However, it’s not hard to find examples where companies absolutely misread the room and just made people confused. 

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