A Thriller Pulled From Theaters Repays Netflix’s Faith On the Global Top 5

Yeon Sang-ho’s JUNG_E might be sitting pretty as the number one most-watched movie on Netflix this weekend, but another international blockbuster has come in from the cold to make a serious dent on the streaming service’s Global charts, with Shantanu Bagchi’s Mission Majnu currently enjoying a stellar first weekend on the platform.

Inspired by true events, Sidharth Malhotra stars as Amandeep Singh, an operative sent undercover to Pakistan to investigate the nation’s alleged involvement in the creation and development of nuclear weapons, where he’s forced to juggle a life on international espionage with that of being a husband to his blind wife Nasreen, played by Rashmika Mandanna.

via Netflix

Production initially wrapped on Mission Majnu way back in September of 2021, but it was only this past Friday it hit Netflix. The film was originally scheduled for a wide theatrical release, before being indefinitely delayed and ultimately pulled from the schedule altogether. In the end, though, it’s proven to be an instant winner among the subscriber base, who’ll be thanking their lucky stars the company stepped in to secure distribution.

Per FlixPatrol, Mission Majnu has exploded out of the blocks to become the fifth top-viewed feature on Netflix’s worldwide rankings, having snatched a spot on the Top 10 in 33 countries right out of the gate. In addition, it’s taken pole position in 10 of them, so anyone who feels disappointed on missing out on the chance to catch it on the big screen has evidently been firing up their device of choice as soon as possible.

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