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In a forum, aespa’s fandom MYs criticized a “severely edited” photo of member Karina. They also tackled about photo-editing’s prominence in fansites.

Here’s what fans are saying.

aespa Karina’s ‘Severely Edited’ Photo Draws Criticism From MYs

Ever since aespa debuted, all the members have captured everyone’s hearts with their music, talents, personalities, and visuals.

(Photo : Nylon China’s Weibo)

In the group, Karina has earned the spot for being one of the most talked-about idols in the industry due to her A.I. visuals and doll-like beauty.

She has also received attention for her performing talent, down-to-earth personality, and amazing proportions.

GOT the beat Taeyeon·Karina teaser ‘new feeling’

(Photo : Girls On Top Twitter)

However, on March 26, a forum was made because of a “severely edited” photo of Karina, which gained criticism from fans. The picture was taken from a fansite and appears to have obvious attributes of over-editing.

In the photo, Karina’s facial features seemed to be much bigger, which contradicts her naturally small face. The editing was evident in her eyes, head structure, lips, and nose.

aespa Karina's 'Severely Edited' Photo Criticized by MYs: 'What's the need of it?'

(Photo : pann.nate)

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Meanwhile, fans also laid out an unedited version of the photo, which contained a more suitable imagery for the idol.

aespa Karina's 'Severely Edited' Photo Criticized by MYs: 'What's the need of it?'

(Photo : pann.nate)

MYs also stated that idols already look amazing without any editing. They also stated they look “superior” to the average person in their selfies, and can visually overwhelm the viewers if the photos were to be edited.

Fans commented:

“It’s the same with celebrities’ selcas and those preview pictures. They all look way prettier without any editing.”

“They already look superior to the average person so once they start editing their pictures, it’s just too much so they always end up looking prettier or handsomer naturally?”

“Definitely. I know some fansites who keep editing their final pics, the idol ended up not even looking like himself. Just why, what’s the need of it?”

aespa Karina

(Photo : Instagram: @aespa_official)

During the discussion, MYs left a good note by praising Karina for her hairstyles, as well as her small face, and innocent visuals.

“I thought that Karina wouldn’t suit bangs but why does she look so good and pretty with them.”

“Her face is small and her features are detailed so that’s why she’ll end up looking pretty in anything.”

“She got a lot more innocent recently.”

MYs Call Out K-pop Fansite Masters for Over-Editing Idols’ Photos

Meanwhile, some fans expressed their frustration over some fansite masters, whom they claim are over-editing pictures of K-pop idols. They also demanded to see the natural skin and features of the idols, instead of releasing edited versions of their fansite photos.

Netizens remarked:

“Kpop fansite masters for real edit idols to look like this and then fans pretend like it’s natural and gorgeous, like please just let us see real skin and faces.”

“Some fansites over-edit their pics to the point of idols sometimes looking like alien ngl.”

“Fansite owners are obsessed with this specific style of editing that just makes beautiful people look fake.”

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