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XSEED games announced on Friday that it will release a physical “Day 1 Edition” for Acquire‘s Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Director’s Cut (Akiba’s Trip 2 Director’s Cut), an updated version of the Akiba’s Trip 2 sequel game, in North America for Nintendo Switch. The game will also launch digitally for Switch in Europe in summer 2023.

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The “Day 1 Edition” will include a music CD and nine art cards featuring original illustrations by various Japanese artists.

The game will launch on April 20 in Japan.

The game will feature new content, including a new Kati route with character Kati Raikkonen and a “true” ending. The route is included in the Switch version. XSEED games will also release the new DLC route for Kati for the PlayStation 4 and PC versions at the same time for US$7.99/€7.99/£6.99.

Acquire released the original Akiba’s Trip game for PlayStation Portable in 2011, and an updated version, Akiba’s Trip Plus, for PSP in 2012. Acquire released the Akiba’s Trip 2 sequel game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2013. XSEED games released Akiba’s Trip 2 in North America as Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed on PS3 and PS Vita, and later on PS4 and PC. NIS America released the game in Europe.

The Akiba’s Trip games take place in a reproduction of Tokyo’s Akihabara district, where the player must fight vampires by tearing off their clothes and exposing them to the sunlight.

XSEED games released Acquire‘s Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed game for PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store in July 2021. The game is a remaster of Akiba’s Trip Plus for PSP.

The Akiba’s Beat successor game is the first action RPG in the franchise, and it shipped in Japan for PS4 in December 2016 and for PS Vita in March 2017 after delays. XSEED games released the game in North America in May 2017, and PQube released the game in Europe the same month.

The Akiba’s Trip Festa! PC browser and Android game launched in November 2016.

The game series inspired Akiba’s Trip: The Animation in January 2017. Crunchyroll streamed the series with English subtitles as it aired, and Funimation streamed a dub.

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