Aman Gupta pens emotional note for Flathead’s Balakrishnan, says ‘takes real guts to say no’

In one of the recent Shark Tank India episodes, Ganesh Balakrishnan who is the co-founder of Flatheads Shoes got emotional and rejected shark’s offers as he wants to run his company which is on the verge of a shutdown.

This was one of the most emotional moments of Shark Tank India. On Tuesday, Aman Gupta took to Instagram and penned a touching note for Ganesh Balakrishnan. He wrote, “During the Flatheads pitch, I could see myself in Ganesh Balakrishnan. Since I could relate with him so much, I didn’t shy away from speaking my mind and told him to do what I would have done if I were him – start over. It was tough feedback and it takes real character to accept it when someone tells you to stop doing what you’re doing and start afresh. And to top it all, it takes real guts to say no to a great funding offer on national TV to restart and recalibrate. I hope he is on to something huge soon. Massive respect and he will be back with a bang.”

He further added, “When I was on my entrepreneurial journey, I started once but restarted 5 times. Went to the corporate World and then came back to entrepreneurship. While my story makes for a great story now after being somewhat successful, when you’re experiencing the failures, it’s unnerving.”

“I also have faced those days. I also have failed before being successful. I also have been down before being here. I also am a human before being a shark,” he concluded. 

Netizens also reacted to the post, one of them wrote, “at particular case, many could relate themselves at a stage, they are not aware what to do next. Some call it as trp stunts but that’s ok. The best part was non of the sharks made fun of this guy. Hats off.” The second one said, “We started our venture from a small room and last year moved to a 2000sq ft factory however there are days when nothing feels correct and thats when people like you inspire us !! #respect.” 

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