Andy Cohen isn’t rushing to have another child

Andy Cohen isn’t in a rush to have more children.

Andy Cohen isn't rushing to have another child

Andy Cohen isn’t rushing to have another child

The 54-year-old TV star – who already has Lucy, five months, and Benjamin, three – is relishing the challenge of fatherhood, but Andy doesn’t want to have any more kids for the time being.

Asked about the possibility of having more kids, the TV host – who had his children with the help of a surrogate – told E! News: “I mean, I’m good right now. Don’t freak me out.”

Andy often posts photos of his children on social media, and they’ve even appeared on ‘Watch What Happens Live!’, his late-night talk show.

Andy previously admitted that he’s loved the experience of parenthood.

Speaking about his son in 2021, he shared: “You know it’s great, so far so good.

“I have a lot of support. I have a lot of women in my life who are helping me out, and he makes it really easy. He’s a cheerful, great kid, he makes it fun. I learn things every day.

“I think also having a kid later in life is really fun, because you do sweat things, [but] I’m trying to be as laid back as I possibly can.”

Andy admits it’s difficult to balance his career with raising his son.

However, he’s determined to spend as much time as possible with his kids.

He explained: “You want him to know you’re around and you’re always gonna be around, and that’s hard for me because I have a lot of jobs. Believe it or not, I’m really in and out all day of my home.

“He gets to see me throughout the day which is great. I don’t leave for my show until past his bed time. It really works out.”

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