Anupamaa Update: Baa and Vanraj become extremely irritated after seeing Maaya

The day starts with Kaavya unveiling the much-awaited ‘surprise’ in the form of the photographer Mohit and Maaya paying a visit to the Shah House. Mohit and Kaavya introduce Maaya as the undisputed queen of the events industry. Seeing Maaya at her house, Baa and Vanraj are extremely disappointed to see her. An extremely irritated Baa leaves no stone unturned in taunting Maaya.

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Meanwhile, at the Kapadia House, chhoti Anu is extremely desperate to meet Maaya, despite having fever. But, chhoti Anu is very adamant to meet Maaya. That’s when Anupamaa scolds chhoti Anu to behave properly. That’s when chhoti Anu tells everyone that, since everyone is shouting at her, she will run away from the house, thus putting everyone in a tizzy.

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After saying this, chhoti Anu actually runs away from the Shah House. Seeing her running away, everyone starts running after chhoti Anu in order to stop her. While running, chhoti Anu lands up on the road in front of an approaching vehicle. Both, Anupamaa and Maaya protect chhoti Anu from an approaching car. 

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