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Sumbul Touqeer Khan has come a long way in her journey from being called kaali and not a heroine material to becoming the lead actress in the television industry and earning the most of all the TV divas. And now in her latest conversation, Imlie star Sumbul made a shocking revelation: she initially rejected the lead show of Imlie due to being underconfident, as she was called kaali all the time. Sumbul, who played the role of a servant in Ayushmann Khurrana’s Article 15,” got another role of playing a servant as Imlie in the show, but slowly her character emerged, and it only showed that being dark or being a villager can do nothing to stop you from achieving your dreams. Sumbul’s strength is no less than her character Imlie’s; her rags to riches story is every bit inspiring, and how!

In fact, Sumbul even revealed that Imlie earned the lowest TRP in the initial days and she cried her heart out after facing a lot of backlash for being a dark-skinned girl as the makers got questioned about her casting. ” I had felt very bad that day and I had cried a lot, but after the telecast, things started to change. Our opening TRP numbers were 2.2, and the number just went up from there; it never came down till the time I was a part of it. People forgot how I looked; they just noticed my work. The people who disliked me also started praising me”.

She revealed how people said, “Kaisi ladki ko cast kar lia’. But now things have changed, and she once again proves that nothing can stop you if you are determined. Right now, Sumbul is the most loved actress, and her friendship with Fahmaan Khan often grabs a lot of headlines as people feel she is in a relationship with him; their crackling chemistry in Imlie boosted the TRP of the show.

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