Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Soundarya Sharma spills the beans on her top 5

Soundarya Sharma is the latest contestant to be eliminated from the `Bigg Boss 16` house. She was voted out by her fellow contestants. The actress got into conversation with Read on to find out more.

Are you disappointed at being eliminated close to the finale?

I can`t say I`m happy because it`s just 20 days away but it`s a life journey so I`m not disappointed.

Do you plan to remain friends with Archana even after the show?

Absolutely! It was a real bond that I shared with her.

What is your rapport with Shalin Bhanot and your thoughts about his relationship with Tina and Sumbul?

They know how they are conducting themselves. Shalin makes a perception about other people but that is his opinion. He may have anger issues or something But I can`t react on every baseless issue.

You had mentioned you are aware of other contestants badmouthing you and Shalin calling you characterless, how did such loose talk affect you?

I don`t react to such things people can say baseless things about any big celebrity or any girl. These people are not important to me. 

Who do you see as top 5 and the winner?

The winner you are talking to. I would want to see Archana Gautam, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sumbul Touqeer Khan.



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