British Pianist Alexander Ullman Opens Up On His First Ever Piano Recital In India

Last Updated: January 22, 2023, 19:32 IST

Alexander Ullman says, 'Art must have integrity’ as gives out a message to aspiring musicians,

Alexander Ullman says, ‘Art must have integrity’ as gives out a message to aspiring musicians,

Pianist Alexander Ullman has been establishing himself as a star on the international stage, boasting top-notch tuition and an impeccable record of winning

British pianist Alexander Ullman recently performed at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. Ullman, praised for his subtle interpretations and refined technical mastery has impressed audiences and critics globally. The talented artist’s piano recital at Mumbai impressed every spectator. After the concert, the young pianist exclusively interacted with News18 Showsha, where he opened up about his journey, his creative process and all things in between. Read On :

What was it like to perform at the NCPA?

It was the first concert in the new year with a new programme! The entire experience was very enjoyable, and it’s a privilege to perform on this great stage like that of India.

You’ve been performing on stage for a long time. What is the most intriguing aspect of it?

On stage, when I’m completely immersed in the music, I get in a heightened, almost meditative state.

Tell us something about your journey with music. What inspired you to play the piano?

I think it’s the combination of the sensory joy of playing and the obsessive nature of learning a skill or art form, like the piano that got me hooked and has kept me captivated.

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Your latest Rubicon Classics’ album Liszt received widespread love and appreciation globally. How do you look at that creation, and how has that been received by the audience?

It was, in a way, a culmination of my years studying and performing Liszt and the end product was really a labour of love. I knew I had something authentic to express with the music and I trusted that to translate to the listener.

Is there anything you want to say to your younger self, when you first performed on stage?

Don’t worry, but it won’t get any easier.

Were there any expectations from the Indian audience? How was the response?

The hall gave me a feeling that the entire journey of the programme was traversed together with the audience, which is exactly what you want as an artist!

Anything you’d like to express to aspiring musicians and the forthcoming generation of musicians.

Do always remember that ‘Art must have integrity’. The pursuit of achieving at the highest level, requires single-minded dedication. You’ve gone too far if you’ve cut your ear off though.

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