Chris Rock roasts Meghan Markle in Netflix comedy special

Chris Rock has taken aim at Meghan Markle during his blockbuster comedy special, mocking her over her racist allegations against the royal family during the 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview.

The show, Selective Outrage, aired live on Netflix on Sunday and saw the comedian, 58, finally break his silence on the infamous slap he received from fellow actor Will Smith at last year’s Oscars ceremony, laying out a long and dramatic history between the pair that, he says, culminated in the awards show moment that left audiences stunned.

But it wasn’t just Smith and his wife, Jada, targeted by Rock, reports the New York Post.

During his set, he also referenced The Duchess of Sussex’s claim to Oprah that an unknown royal had raised “concerns” about just “how dark” their baby might be before their son, Archie, was born.

He joked that Meghan was just dealing with some “in-law sh*t”.

“Like, who is this girl Meghan Markle? Seems like a nice lady – just complaining. Like, didn’t she hit the light-skinned lottery?” Rock said, before calling the royal family the “OGs of racism”.

“It’s the royal family,” he said. “You didn’t Google these motherf***ers? What the f**k is she talking about, she didn’t know?”

He went on: “That’s like marrying into the Budweiser family and going, ‘They drink a lot.’”

Rock also said he didn’t think wanting to know the baby’s skin colour was, in fact, racist.

“She’s complaining – I’m like, ‘What the f**k is she talking about? They’re so racist, they wanted to know how brown the baby was going to be?’” he said.

“I’m like, ‘That’s not racist.’ ’Cause even black people want to know how brown the baby gon’ be. Sh*t. We check behind them ears.”

While claiming society is in a culture of perpetual victimhood, Rock included another cheeky dig at Meghan and Harry, comparing it to his reaction to Smith’s slap.

“Right now we live in a World where the emergency room is filled with motherf***ers with paper cuts,” he said.

“You will never see me on Oprah or Gayle crying. You will never see it. Never gonna happen. ‘I couldn’t believe it! And I loved Men In Black,” Rock joked “No! F**k that sh*t. I took that hit like Pacquiao!”

Meanwhile, Janina Gavankar, one of Meghan’s longtime best friends, was reportedly at the live taping for the show – and watched as the comedian skewered the Duchess.

The Vampire Diaries actress, who has been a staunch defender of Prince Harry’s wife and a close friend of hers for over 20 years, joined Dave Chapelle backstage to watch the show in the VIP Green Room.

“Janina looked to be enjoying the show very much, she was standing up by the TV screens and laughing,” one eyewitness told New York Post.

Meanwhile, Rock’s show ended with a stunning take-down of both Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith in its final minutes.

He insisted that the King Richard star’s anger was totally unrelated to anything the comic ever did.

“Everybody knows I had nothing to do with that sh*t,” he said, suggesting Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s well-known affair with her son Jaden’s rapper friend August Alsina in 2015 was the root of Smith’s angst toward him.

“For people that don’t know – everybody knows – his wife was f***ing her son’s friend, OK?” he said, adding that he wouldn’t normally discuss things like that, but that they had “put that sh*t on the internet”.

“I had no idea why two talented people would do something that f***ing low down!”

The infamous altercation between the pair of comedians occurred after Rock, who hosted last year’s Oscars, made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, saying, “Jada, I love you, G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it!”

Smith stormed the stage and smacked Rock before shouting twice, “Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth!” to a stunned audience.

Rock’s reference was to the 1997 film featuring Demi Moore with a shaved head. Pinkett Smith, 51, has been diagnosed with alopecia, which causes hair loss.

Smith subsequently apologised on multiple occasions over the incident, and resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ahead of being issued a 10-year ban from the Oscars.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was republished here with permission

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