Doja Cat’s look at Paris Fashion Week sparks meme fest

Earlier this week, a myriad of celebrities attended the Paris Fashion Week 2023 adorned in fashionable attires. While Kylie Jenner’s bold look featuring a lion’s head certainly grabbed eyeballs, it was Doja cat’s bizarre outfit that stole the entire show.

The Get Into It singer chose a red Schiaparelli dress with a silk bustier and a skirt of wooden beads for the occasion. However, she took it a step further by being completely covered by 30,000 Swarovski crystals from head to toe, with her makeup done by popular artist Pat McGrath. As fascinating as the description sounds, Doja’s costume in real life was quite intense and Twitter users also could not hold back their remarks after seeing its pictures on social media.

“All that to look so weird,” penned one user on the micro-blogging site, while others were quick to point out the starlet’s resemblance to the Marvel character Vision. “Looks like Vision’s wife!” said a fan.

As more clips of the get-up circulated online, people chimed in to compare the Say so singer’s look to Star War characters, and even Demons!

“Looks like something straight out of Star Wars,” noted one Twitter user as the other proceeded to call Doja a “very stylish demon.”

“I knew I recognized that look somewhere” expressed one tweep while sharing a microscopic photograph of red blood cells.

Moving on, Twitterati also compared the former musician’s look to Natwar also known as Chhote Pandit from the iconic Indian comedy film, Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

“Okay but Chhote Pandit did it much before Doja Cat!” joked one user, while another shared a collage of the character standing next to Doja at the event.

“Is she auditioning for the next Hellraiser movie?” asked one fan. Another quipped, “Going to the washroom must be fun!”

Other tweeps also criticised the outfit and it’s material. “Ugh that just looks like so much work. Yikes! I hope it’s not itchy,” said one user, while another pointed out the fault in her choice of embellishment. “She looks so good but it’s gonna take her ten years to get that glitter out of her ears.”

“I mean I’m a lady gaga fan, thus I’ve seen too many absurd looks but this one is still disturbing to me,” commented one fan.

While a majority of the people took a jibe at Doja’s ensemble, many also complimented her daring style. “The look is growing on me!” remarked one tweep, while another appreciated the rap artist’s commitment to “unapologetically serve a look.”

An array of Twitter users also shared memes to relay their sentiments about Doja’s iconic look.

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