Emily Ratajkowski dating Eric Andre shows women aren’t just impressed by looks

Emily Ratajkowski is famously hot and famous for dating un-hot men. Why? Because women don’t actually want the most handsome guy.

If we did, Angelina Jolie would have stayed married to Brad Pitt and Lara Bingle would have ditched Sam Worthington for one of the Hemsworths. (Sam is hot, but he isn’t Hemsworth hot).

Maybe calling Em Rata’s conquests un-hot is too strong, but she isn’t exactly going for abs and a chiselled jawline. Instead it seems like she is slumming it by going for substance over perfect bone structure and zero body fat.

Most recently she was spotted with comedian Eric Andre. He is definitely attractive, but he isn’t Chris Evans.

Her rumoured romance with Andre comes after she previously was spotted with Kim Kardashian’s ex, comedian Pete Davidson. Before that, she was married to Sebastian Bear-McClard.

All these men are attractive enough, but they aren’t walking thirst-traps. If they weren’t famous you wouldn’t do a double take if you saw them on the street.

Em Rata’s dating choices is just proof that women don’t go for hot men. Instead we go for funny, intelligent, kind men; the looks are usually just a bonus.

Don’t believe me? Well, look around. Firstly, have a quick scroll of your Instagram and you’ll probably be surprised to realise how many very attractive women in your life have partnered with average looking guys, but if you want famous examples! I have them too.

For instance you can’t convince me that Beyonce isn’t way hotter then Jay Z and that actress Amber Tamblyn isn’t objectively more attractive than her comedian husband David Cross.

Christina Hendricks, who became a sex symbol thanks to her role in Mad Men used to be married to Geoffrey Arend. Sure he is cute, but Hendricks is just stunning.

Closer to home, Kyle Sandilands is engaged to the gorgeous Tegan Kynaston and Karl Stefanovic managed to bag the much younger and prettier Jasmine Yarbrough.

Are you seeing it now?

Really hot women often end up with men that aren’t conventionally hot, and I don’t think we can say the same for men. I can’t think of one famous man who isn’t married to an equally hot woman.

People love to say Hugh Jackman is hotter than Deborah Lee Furness, but if you google the couple at the start of their relationship, she was the hotter one.

Em Rata could have anyone she wants; instead, she’s been spotted dining with men known for having good personalities and doesn’t that say everything?

I think about my own dating life, and it was never about finding the hottest guy it was always about finding the guy that I connected with the most. Frankly, I’ve always been wary of the super handsome guy.

For instance, this season of The Bachelors features the very tall and very handsome Felix, and even though he seems like the kind of man who could reach anything on any top shelf, I have the ick.

Felix comes across cocky, abrasive and like someone who has never had to use their personality to win over a romantic partner over.

See? All women want is a guy who makes them laugh and isn’t stupid. It is a low bar, but it is difficult to find, hence why Em Rata has been spotted dating all over New York City! Fingers crossed she finds an average looking man to make her ridiculously happy.

Originally published at www.news.com.au

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