Fans’ Hilarious Comments on 90s Famous Model Taimoor Khan’s Engagement


Pakistani-born Taimoor Khan became a famous model thanks to his striking good looks. The famous actor or model became well-known due to his appearances in successful advertisements and music videos. The height of the legendary model’s success coincided with his decision to leave the business.

Taimoor Khan, a popular model in the 1990s, has finally been reunited with his fans in Pakistan. Taimoor Khan, a top-tier and endearing model whose likeness has appeared in numerous ads and songs, has passed away, much to the delight of his devoted fan base. In his career, he collaborated with nearly every major label.

His followers were taken aback to meet him today after seeing his engagement photos that went viral. Many of his fans think that he has improved with age. Furthermore, they are making jokes about how late he was to propose. The people are quite pleased to meet him. It didn’t take long for his name to be recalled by those who had heard the Strings’ hit single “Anjanay Kyun,” on which he sang lead. Check out.

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