“Friday Is Your Last Day”: Boss Fires Employee, Begs Her To Work Another Day But She’s Not Having It

Work can be demanding enough as it is, but some higher-ups want to make it a living hell. That’s why they could be taken down a notch.

Redditor u/The_Mockingbirb shared with the ‘Malicious Compliance’ community how she dealt with her disagreeable superior. She was told to pack her bags, but little did the boss know how that would affect her own duties. So, when the OP complied and was on her way through the door, the superior had one more question to ask. Scroll down for the story in the redditor’s own words.

Some superiors are not worth doing favors for, and should be met with malicious compliance instead

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This employee complied with her boss’s request to leave and stood her ground when the superior realized her mistake

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The role of a production assistant might be the first step in the industry, but it’s undoubtedly an important one

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The OP left on Friday as the boss initially asked her to. That meant that on Saturday, the superior had to spread herself thin trying to cover her own and the former employee’s duties. And that’s not an easy task to do in the movie industry. As with most fast-paced environments, there’s always lots to do; even more so when you’re understaffed.

According to IBISWorld, there are currently over 45,000 people working in this field. They are responsible for releasing hundreds of movies and TV series each year. According to Statista, in Canada and the US, nearly 450 movies were released last year, which added up to over 7 billion U.S. dollars in box office revenue.

The OP entered the industry working as a production assistant. They are typically responsible for getting the set and people ready for filming and running all sorts of errands, from paperwork to coffee runs, and everything in between. Such a range of responsibilities requires them to be flexible and well organized, as well as have good time management skills, among others. Now, in 2023, there are over 70,000 production assistants in the US.

PAs are also responsible for relaying information, which makes them a crucial part of any production crew. As a matter of fact, it might take hundreds of people to create one movie. Film industry analyst Stephen Follows revealed that the average size of the teams working on the top 1,000 movies from 1994 to 2013 was 588 people.

Your actions are not the only thing that can affect your team members as emotions matter just as much

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The movie industry is just one example showing how important everyone’s input is. In any team, each member usually has their own responsibilities, no matter how big or small, that go together like puzzle pieces—take one of them out, and the big picture is ruined. Such cooperation means that it’s important to understand how your actions and emotions can affect others. An article for the American Psychological Association noted that when working in a group, a person’s mood and outlook can spread within a team and affect it accordingly. In the OP’s situation, for instance, the coordinator screaming at her in front of the entire department was unlikely to have had a positive effect.

In an ideal world, people on a team, and especially the superiors, should have high emotional intelligence. It could help them better understand and evaluate their own emotions as well as others’, which is always beneficial when it comes to cooperation. In the story, the superior didn’t seem to care too much for the OP’s feelings. Nor did she seem to appreciate how important the PA’s input is at work. Having to cover for two people at once must have shown her its significance.

In the text, the redditor revealed that she has outgrown the position of a production assistant and now coordinates PAs herself. In the comments she shared that she holds ‘Coordinator #2’ as an example of how not to treat her team members. She also tries to make sure they learn all there is to know so they can move further in their careers.

Lots of people reacted to the story, most of them were happy for the OP

Community members also shared similar stories

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