Futuristic Flying Bike Launched in Abu Dhabi for Search & Rescue Operations

The new XTURISMO Hoverbike was demonstrated at Yas Bay earlier today. The all-new hoverbike is made of high-strength carbon fibre, which can access to hard-to-reach places and rough terrains.

This will be an effective, lifesaving tool in search and rescue operations and help in disaster investigations. The hoverbike will also be able to provide geospatial mapping.

Taking to Instagram, the engineering firm said that the hoverbike was being developed in partnership with AERWINS Technologies.

Bayanat said in the post that it is committed to bringing state-of-the-art technology to the region, positively impacting the economy and community, and making the World a safer place.

The hoverbike aims to be a means of infrastructure-less transportation. It is expected to be used for lifesaving situations, such as disaster investigation and search in deserts, lakes, bays, and emergency supply transportation. The hover bike will also be used for data collection from the sky and real-time collaboration with drones.

Originally published at startuppakistan.com.pk

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