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Chhavi Mittal is one of the popular actresses in the TV world. Chhavi is a cancer survivor. She has been getting trolled for unabashedly sharing things on Instagram. Chhavi has been savagely clapping back to the trolls time and again and that’s what she did again. Chhavi compiled a list of comments which were about people calling her out and shaming her for kissing her kids. Chhavi has not held anything back while clapping them back in a sincere post. With that, she has also shared some pictures of herself kissing her kids.

Chhavi Mittal slams trolls shaming her for kissing her children

Chhavi Mittal has been grabbing headlines in entertainment News for being a troll assassin these days. She doesn’t hold back and savagely replies to the keyboard warriors who shame her for whatever reasons. And now, Chhavi has slammed people calling her out for kissing her kids on the lips. Chhavi is shocked that people can object to a mother’s affection for her kids or the expression of her love towards her kids.

Chhavi lauded those who came to her support when the people trolled her. She also put in some more pics of herself kissing her kids, just to put more salt in their wounds. She says that she doesn’t know how to put boundaries on her love for her kids. Chhavi Mittal adds that she has taught them to be unabashed while showing their love and they have reciprocated. Chhavi says that she only asks her kids to not hurt people. Lastly, Chhavi adds, “I’d love to know in the comments below, what’s your love language as a parent?!! Tell me.”

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Chhavi Mittal is also called out for sharing her pictures from the gym and even mocked her cancer. Some users would comment about her breasts after her cancer surgery. People would post nasty comments such as not cutting breasts and celebs being used to such comments, silicon implants and more. Chhavi has been hitting the trolls out of her comments section one at a time.

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