Grant Denyer shares update on daughter’s health battle

Taking to Instagram, the former Sunrise weatherman was happy to announce that two-year-old Sunday is finally free from the full-body plaster cast she was confined to for the last 13 months due to her condition.

“When the hip brace comes off after 13 months,” Denyer, 45, wrote alongside a video of Sunday running carefree and cast-free around their house.

In recent weeks, little Sunday has slowly been eased out of her cast. Last month, she was placed in a less-limiting cast that only covered her hips and thighs, allowing her some freedom with her arms and torso.

“She’s running. This is huge!” Denyer praised as he shared an Instagram video of Sunday on the go.

“So proud of our gorgeous little Sunday. She has not let her hip dysplasia hold her back. It’s been 8 months of a full body plaster cast and now this one, finally she’s figuring out a way to get the mobility she’s always dreamed of. What every kid needs and deserves.”

Denyer said his youngest child – he and Chezzi also share daughters Sailor, 11, and Scout, 7 – was “far behind in some milestones” because of her dislocated hip, but she’s “never complained” and was “blossoming” in other ways.

It was in March 2022 – one month after her first birthday – that Sunday was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia, a general term for infantile hip instability and dislocation or shallowness of the hip socket. Little Sunday underwent corrective surgery, and post-surgery was required to wear a full-body cast that extended all the way from her feet up to her armpits.

“Sunday had a special procedure today in hospital to fix her severe hip dysplasia,” Denyer shared on Instagram at the time as he shared photos of her in hospital being cradled by Chezzi.

“The poor thing has to wear a half body cast for the next 12 weeks which will be so uncomfortable and immobilising for her, but will be worth it in the end. Hang in there my sweet, you’ve already shown us how brave and bright you are.”

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