Guneet Monga returns to India as a triumphant producer with The Elephant Whisperers award [Watch Video]

Guneet Monga, the Oscar-winning producer of The Elephant Whisperers, was greeted with a traditional Indian welcome upon her return to Mumbai, expressing her gratitude to the crowd. Watch entertainment Videos.

Oscars 2023: Renowned producer Guneet Monga, who won an Oscar for her documentary The Elephant Whisperers, received a warm welcome from a huge crowd upon her arrival in India. As she stepped out of the airport in Mumbai, she was greeted in the traditional way with garlands, tika, and sweets, while flower petals were showered upon her. Guneet spoke to reporters stationed outside the airport, thanking the people for their warm welcome and expressing her gratitude. The scene was heartwarming as several people hugged her, showing their love and support. Guneet’s success has brought pride to India and the film industry, and her achievements are an inspiration to many. Watch entertainment Videos.

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