Ahead of the highly anticipated final conclusion for the Halloween franchise, we joined stars at the Los Angeles premiere of Halloween Ends at the TCL Chinese theatre to dive into the timeless horror and the faceless masked man Michael Myers, who has been giving us chills since 1978.

Halloween Ends will conclude the successful realm of Halloween with a shocking yet timely conclusion to our favorite horror franchise, following up from last year’s Halloween Killsand 2018’s Halloween, which saw Curtis return as her most long-standing character, Laurie Strode, as a follow up from the original slasher in 1978.

We spoke with scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Kyle Richards, Andi Matichak, and longtime producer Malek Akkad, James Jude Courtney and more! how long is one of the most successful franchises and one of the most successful classic cars to be brought back to present day. The carpet was definitely somewhere to celebrate the end of an era, but also defense a conclusion Nathan waiting for.

Halloween Ends continues four years after Strode’s last encounter with Michael Myers, where she is living with her granddaughter and trying to finish her memoir. Myers hasn’t been seen since, and Laurie finally decides to liberate herself from rage and fear and embrace life. However, when a young man stands accused of murdering a boy that he was babysitting, and takes a liking to her granddaughter, everything spirals once again, and Laurie is back for one last battle.

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Halloween Ends is out in theaters now and streaming exclusively on Peacock!