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Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaars are always entertaining. Salman Khan has the best reactions to the events that unfolded over the week inside the house. This Weekend Ka Vaar is not different. He is back with the report card of the contestants that is filled with negative markings. In yesterday’s episode, we saw Salman Khan talking about Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta‘s fight. He asked them to play individually inside the big house and they work better when they are not a team. Today, Salman Khan is going to reprimand Archana Gautam.

entertainment News: Archana Gautam on Salman Khan’s target

Archana Gautam is one contestant who has been making nasty comments against all the contestants of the house. From taunts to rash language – Archana Gautam is always seen fighting with someone or the other. During the Captaincy task, Archana Gautam got in a fight with Sumbul Touqeer Khan. She then commented on her looks and said that she does not have the face to be a ‘Rani’. This didn’t go down well with many including Salman Khan.

The host gets into a discussion with Archana Gautam and states that she is flying too high with her attitude. Taking Sumbul Touqeer’s side, he says that the entire nation knows her and her face. He even asks what she thinks of herself. Later, he also reveals that she commented on Shalin Bhanot’s looks and said that he looks like a dog. Though Shalin tries to interrupt, Salman Khan asks him to stay shut.

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In today’s episode, we will also see some die-hard fans of the show taking the case of the contestants. One of the fans will ask Shalin Bhanot as to why he keeps running behind Tina Datta. He said he needs no validation from anyone. Tina Datta then says she will distance herself from him and Salman Khan challenges her to do so.

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