‘Have been called greedy b***h’

In one of the recent episodes of Shark Tank India, the owners of a hair-dying company Paradyes appeared where they negotiated with the sharks. However, the episode turned into a drama after the sharks started fighting with each other.

After this, the CEO of Paradyes Yushika Jolly, despite having secured a deal, started receiving hate on social media. However, her husband who is also the co-founder of the company was being ‘praised for his excellent negotiating skills’.

Now, Yushika took to LinkedIn and reacted to the online hate that she received. She wrote, “In the last 48 hours, I have been called ‘rude, smug, manipulative, greedy, bitch and unprofessional.’ Hate messages abound in my DMs, in the comments on my personal page, and even on my brands’ page. I draw attention to the gender prejudice because, in contrast, my husband, who is also the co-founder, is getting praised for his excellent negotiating skills.”

While defending her decision to turn down Peyush Gopal and accepting Aman Gupta and Sugar Vineeta Singh’s, she said that she knows her “business better than any keyboard warrior”.

For the unversed, Yushika Jolly and Siddharth Raghuvanshi asked for Rs 65 lakh for 1 percent equity in their company. Piyush Bansal gave them the offer that they asked for, while Aman and Vineeta offered Rs 65 lakh for 2 percent equity. And they chose Aman and Vineetia over Peyush.

Talking about the same, Yushika Jolly said, “We could have chosen Peyush if we were truly that ‘greedy’… And for everyone asking why to create a mess for 1%, please go and build your own business and only then will you realise how important even 1% is..”

“Following our airing, our sales have almost doubled on our website and in a few specific marketplaces. Our website has seen a 20x spike in traffic,” she mentioned.

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